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Looking for an e-learning solution?

The methods of training have evolved and any successful strategy includes an e-learning component. This is even more important in the MedTech industry with the regulatory risks of having distributor making false claims or poorly training end-users.

we offer Turnkey Training Platforms and Distributor Portal

As we did for many medical technologies, we can build a distributor portal for you that includes sales training and protected content downloads.

Do you need to certify end-users as well?

No problem, we can build an e-learning solution that assesses the user’s comprehension and produces a certificate.

How we do it

Our collaboration begins with an in-depth discussion where we understand your unique needs and goals. During this phase, we’ll explore your existing resources and content, if any, and discuss your vision for the training platform.

Once we have a clear understanding of your requirements, our team will design a tailor-made distributor portal and/or e-learning solution. This step involves creating a blueprint that aligns with your objectives and ensures regulatory compliance.

If you have existing training content, we’ll seamlessly integrate it into the platform. Alternatively, we can assist you in developing new content from scratch, focusing on accuracy and effectiveness.

For end-user certification, we’ll develop engaging e-learning modules. These modules assess user comprehension and provide certificates upon successful completion, enhancing overall training effectiveness.

Before launch, we subject the training platform to rigorous testing, ensuring it meets both our and your quality standards. We also value your input. We actively engage in a collaborative process, involving you in several rounds of edits and refinements. This ensures that the platform aligns perfectly with your vision and requirements while guaranteeing a seamless user experience.

Once everything is in place, we deploy the training platform and provide training for your team on its usage. We ensure you’re equipped to manage and maintain the system effectively.

Our collaboration doesn’t end at deployment. We offer continuous support to address any questions, updates, or improvements needed to keep your training platform and distributor portal running smoothly.

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